Thursday, April 16, 2009

Premature Babies - The Next Generation!

Sitting her in the hospital with Christy has brought back a flood of feelings and fears because 30 years ago I lived in SE Idaho and had to be transported by Air Ambulence to the exact hospital that I was currently driving to. Back when I was pregnant with my middle son, Nathan, I went into labor and dialated to a five. Nathan was only about 22-23 weeks gestation just like my grandchildren. I remember the fear that I had as the Doctor and Nurse in the plane tried to stableize my labor. I remember the helecoptor ride across the city from the airport. This was all so surreal and terrifying. My husband and I had one sweet little boy named Ryan who was only about four months old at the time. The same Ryan who just called me and asked me to get to his wife while he made arrangements for his two little girls and school.

Ryan is in the PA (Physician's Assistant) program and it is a very intense two years. If he were to fail a portion of his schooling they would have to start the process all over again. Christy had told Ryan to stay home and go to school until they knew what they were dealing with because she had only dialated to 3 cm and didn't think that the babies would be born yet. So Christy's parents took the girls and I went to be with Christy.

I remember how scared my husband and I were as we learned a whole new language of drugs to keep the labor at bay, medical terms that we tried to comprehand and a fear that we never knew existed. I couldn't believe that my son and his wife may have to go through that whole experience. All the babies in Christy's family are full term.

The Doctor's were able to keep me from delivering Nathan for four months. I had to stay on medication that made me shake and also had to stay flat in bed in the hospital. I was willing to do whatever it took because Ryan had been born nine weeks early and spent six weeks in Intensive Care and I remember how scary it was to watch him be so small (3 lbs. 6 oz.) and have the Doctor's tell us that he may not live. His lungs were inmature and he was on a respirator. I would sit in the Intensive Care Unit and watch as babies larger than Ryan would not make it. I was willing to do whatever it took so that Nathan didn't have to go through that. We were fortunate, Nathan was born only six weeks early and only had to spend two weeks in the hospital after he was born and he grew to be a strong and loving son and husband.

As I sit at my Dauther-in-laws bedside and watch her try to comprehend what may happen I am so scared but I also know what is possible. If they could keep Nathan from coming so early there is hope for the twins. With help from Heavenly Father and our supportive family and friends we will take one day at a time.

Twins Trying to Make An Early Entrance

For those of you who don't know, Ryan and Christy (my son & his adorable wife) are expecting twins. Yesterday at the Doctor's office they were doing an ultrasound and found out the one of the babies was trying to make an early entrance. His/Her foot was sticking out into the birth canal! Fortunately the sack was still in tact but they immediately Life Flighted her to a regional center in Salt Lake City, UT.

Ryan called me and I drove up last night to be with her. Christy and the babies seem to be doing fine for now but Christy will have to stay flat in bed for the next month or so. I'm having flash backs because I was Life Flighted to this same hospital 29 years ago when I was pregnant with Nathan and had to stay flat in bed, in labor, for four months. Now I'm sitting here with the next generation of babies in our family who are having a hard time waiting. We seem to be an impatient group.

We are so lucky that in her new room we have internet access on my laptop. Needless to say we are taking things one day at a time. I'm not sure how long I will be here but we will do what we need to. Christy and I have so much fun and laugh over the silliest things and fortunately we have had some things to laugh over.

Please include Ryan, Christy and their family in your prayers.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WOW - What a great surprise!

If you haven't heard Susan Boyle's audition you need to. It was amazing and also a great lesson not to judge people too quickly. Go Susan.