Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lost Momentum & Reflections

I haven't updated this blog since April and I just lost momentum for all journaling, documenting, crafting, etc. I think that I have just been on emotional overload. With the premature birth of our sweet twin grandchildren in the same hospital where I stayed 30 years ago (while in labor for four months with my son Nathan), so many memories, emotions and questions have plagued me. I have felt emotionally raw and exposed. Not only did we deal with the fear and physical day to day events but I have had some other things come at me that I just didn't think I would ever have to deal with again.

Taking some time out to answer some questions and reevaluate my life has been a long journey. I am still basically the same person just a bit singed from passing through the refiners fire. We all know that the real tests in life are unexpected and never what we think we need but as long as we come through it we grow in strength. For months now I haven't really cared what else was happening around the world. Of course I always care about those I love but due to illness I haven't been able to keep up with them as usual (Damage to lungs from forest fires). This blog would have been a good way to let them know how I've been but the desire just wasn't there.

I am starting to wake up and peek out at the world again so I need to discipline myself to do the things that really matter to me. Communication has always been very important to me, not that I have always been very good at it but I do try. Oh well, we live and learn. So here I go restarting this blog again.

We have had an eventful year since April and as I go through my photos I will go back and highlight a few things for my own record and for those interested enough to peek in on us from time to time. For now, I'm just going to take it day to day and count my many blessings. If this year has taught me anything it is that I am truly blessed.