Saturday, February 14, 2009

365 Days - Day 45 - Love Story

I am NOT going to rewatch "Love Story." I remember it very well. I watched it in 1970 when it first came out (I was 12 years old) and cried a LOT. Since Bob's late wife, Afton, died of cancer and I have lost loved ones to cancer I don't think that either of us need to go through it again.

I can't think of another movie that would describe us except maybe "With Twelve You Get Egg Rolls" (the old Doris Day, Brian Keith Movie) or "Cheaper By The Dozen" but only with an older children twist. The Brady Bunch doesn't have enough kids.

Past: When Bob and I met we both had long histories with ex-spouses and Bob had just lost a wife to cancer. Both of us had children and very loving and supportive families. We lived just blocks away from each other and went to the same church where we got to know each other and pretty soon were spending all of our free time together. We finally decided that we needed to get married so that we could get some rest.
We share so many similar values. We share our faith, love and support our children, both love to serve in church callings, are both computer geeks and each of us believe in honoring our marriage vows.
Bob is such a sweet and giving man. Since we both lived in the same area we both had lots of mutual friends and supporters. Many people knew Bob's late wife, Afton, and knew that she supported him in finding love again. My friends knew that I wasn't that interested in marrying again and worked on me to give it another chance. It just happened that as I was considering what my friends and family were saying Bob started coming out socially again. The timing seemed perfect.
Present: On March 30th we will be married seven years and have experienced many wonderful blessings and a few interesting challenges. No matter what is going on we work together to come up with a solution. We have fit into each others families amazingly well. From our different marriages we share 11 children and we love and respect them all. Trying to maintain relationships with all of our children and each other has been a challenge with numerous rewards. We have been fortunate in that we have trusted each other from the beginning which makes it easier to create and maintain healthy boundaries.
Future: Based on the past seven years I can only see continued support and love. We have faced health, money, family, employment and individual challenges and are still together and happy. Even though we trusted each other from the beginning we have grown to trust even more which helps us have confidence in the future. No matter what happens to us or around us I know that we can handle things with love and faith.
"Love Story"
Hey its Valentines Day! Journal about your love story , past , present, future!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

365 Days - Day 43 - Breakfast at Tiffany's

I had to go back and watch this movie again, it had been years. Of course Audrey Hepburn was amazing and soooo beautiful and elegant and George Peppard was very handsome and perfect for the part. I was only three years old when the movie came out and by the time I saw it it was already a classic.

Here is Audrey Hepburn singing Moom River in the movie.

What I remember most is the song, "Moon River" sung by Andy Williams. For those of you who haven't heard this before PLEASE listen here on YouTube. Here are the lyrics:

Moon River, wider than a mile, I'm crossing you in style some day. Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker, wherever you're going I'm going your way. Two drifters off to see the world. There's such a lot of world to see. We're after the same rainbow's end-- waiting 'round the bend, my huckleberry friend, Moon River and me. music by Henry Mancini, lyrics by Johnny Mercer

My Grandparents had this album and we played it a lot. I'm going to have to search for the CD. It brings back lots of memories of my sister and I around the record player sighing over Andy's dreamy voice and lyrics. We knew all the words and sang along.

I remember having a crush on Andy Williams. He was so handsome and sang so beautifully and I was just a girl. He also seemed so gracious. He had a variety show on TV (1959 to 1971) that also starred the Osmond Brothers (Huge 70's singing group) when they were young and lots of other stars. When the Andy Williams show came on we all gathered around the TV and laughed at silly skits and were amazed at the wonderful music. For those of us old enough to remember, there were only three TV stations back then and they came on at a certain time in the morning and went off the air at midnight (after playing the National Anthem) when they displayed a test color pattern or just snow. Since entertainment was so limited, good shows were an event for the whole family.

Here is Andy Williams with the Osmond Brothers on the Andy Williams Show

It is so strange how the mind works, I think of "Breakfast At Tiffany's" and I write about Andy Williams. My 365 Day challenge is going to be 365 Days of memories. Oh well at least I am journaling and Scrapbooking.


Lets try something different this week. I am going to give you a movie title and see how you are inspired by the film.

"Breakfast at Tiffany's" (1961)

Inspiration could come from the beautiful Miss Audrey Hepburn; her fashion, poise and elegance. Try looking at the title; breakfast. Maybe the famous scenes of Audrey window shopping at Tiffanys will inspire your photograph today.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Snapshot of My Life Routine - Exercise

This could be considered the first step to a healthy life.  My routine picture for today is me on my treadmill.  Boy does it need to be dusted!  I was only able to do 15 minutes but since my surgery I've lost a lot of stamina.  Oh well, there is no place to go but up.  I need to get in good enough shape so that when the snow is gone I can go hiking in Kolob Canyon.  Also in July we have twin Grandbabies coming and I'm going to help so I'm in training to keep up with all the little ones which is a worth cause.

365 Days - Day 42

Today I am supposed to take one or all five pictures from day 40 and journal why that photo is so important to me.  I did it in a digital scrapbook page.  I am just learning to scrapbook digitally and I am definately a newbie.  Oh well, practice makes perfect which means by this time next year I'll be a pro!  I used Photoshop Elements 5 and I couldn't figure out how to get the photos and paper into a template that I wanted to use from Pencil Lines so I used the create feature and it doesn't have a 12 x 12 option in this verison and I don't know how to change it.  

When our computer gets fixed I'm updating to PE7 which is supposed to have a lot of new and cool tools.  I like working with physical paper and scissors and stuff but I really love scrapbooking digitally because there isn't a mess to clean up and I can do it so much faster.  I have three families worth of photos to scrapbook (for Bob and I) and I need to streamline my work.  This definately fits the bill.

Anna at 365 Days always includes a quote and today's quote is:

 "Live a balance life. Learn some and think some, and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some."

Robert Fulghum

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

365 Days - Day 41 Reflection

"Beauty does not exist to be ignored, rather it is a reflection of the soul that invites our participation"

Linda Saccoccio

Lets have fun with refections today


Today I don't feel good (fibromyalgia) so I slept most of the day.  There was no way I was going to take a picture of my reflection.  This picture does however reflect how I feel today.  My picture taking isn't that great but I'm hoping that with time and lots of picture taking it will get better. I can't believe I'm uploading some of these pictures but I'm determined to do the best I can with these challenges.

A Snapshot of My Life Routine - Food

Part of my daily routine is food. OK, this may not look too good but it was. I wasn't feeling good today so I slept almost the entire day. I finally woke up and just heated up some Past Fazoli from NutriSystem.

I love to cook and when I have the energy and the ingredients I love the challenge of new recipes. Since dieting is very stressful for me I'm trying Nutrisystem so that I don't have to think about it. I do have to add vegies, fruit and some protein though and I need to get a little more imaginative about them. I am better at exercise but dieting is a BIG stress for some reason. This is my way of minimizing it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Snapshot of My Life - Routine, Week One

Yesterday I subscribed to a blog called, A Snapshot of My Life which I thought would help me in one of my goals this year - to become more healthy.  On the third week of each month we are supposed to take daily pictures and journal about a prompt that the blog creator, Anna, gives us.  At the end of the week she gives us some templates to scrapbook the week with.  I'm excited to get started!  Since I started in February I decided to do this week for my January layout.  My "Snapshot" isn't so much about a year but about a goal so today I am beginning my goal and here is this weeks prompt that we are supposed to photograph and journal about:



  1. A prescribed, detailed course of action to be followed regularly; a standard procedure.
  2. A set of customary and often mechanically performed procedures or activities.

My routine for Monday is to weigh myself and of course eat right and exercise.  Today I took a picture of me weighing.  I'm optimistic because when my sister, Jerri Ann, and I got together several years ago and focused on weight loss we were both able to lose about 22 lbs in six weeks of hard work.  The funny thing about this is that we can do it diligently for each other but have a hard time doing it for ourselves!  What's with that?  I think I need to become a little more selfish and assert my right to take care of myself!  Wow, did that come out of me?  

Since this blog is mostly me talking about Bob and I and our family, I thought this would be a good forum to journal my progress.  Today is the first day of the rest of my HEALTHY life...

365 Days - Day 40 Five Things

Here is the other blog challenge I signed up for:  365 Days.  I am supposed to go on her blog and follow a prompt to photograph different parts of my life every day and then each week I make a layout (she provides the sketch) of that week.  So at the end of the year I have 52 layouts!  I thought this might help me get better at photography and journaling.  So here goes my first challenge.

"We really need only five things on this earth. Some food, some sun, some work, some fun and someone"

Beatrice Nolan

Try and photograph all five things today

Today we had several snow storms that came through the area and Mom is afraid to drive in the snow so I took her to work and then picked her up again.  The drive back to pick her up (about 25 miles away) was a little tense, the visability wasn't good.  I'm just glad that I was here to drive her.  Even though the snow was a pain it was beautiful.  The other four things were just on the back burner today.  I don't really agree with the above quote.  I think that there is so much more to life than just those five things.  It was an interesting thing to think about though.  I wasn't feeling too good so everything just took on a sameness.  The snow pretty much was the day.