Saturday, February 14, 2009

365 Days - Day 45 - Love Story

I am NOT going to rewatch "Love Story." I remember it very well. I watched it in 1970 when it first came out (I was 12 years old) and cried a LOT. Since Bob's late wife, Afton, died of cancer and I have lost loved ones to cancer I don't think that either of us need to go through it again.

I can't think of another movie that would describe us except maybe "With Twelve You Get Egg Rolls" (the old Doris Day, Brian Keith Movie) or "Cheaper By The Dozen" but only with an older children twist. The Brady Bunch doesn't have enough kids.

Past: When Bob and I met we both had long histories with ex-spouses and Bob had just lost a wife to cancer. Both of us had children and very loving and supportive families. We lived just blocks away from each other and went to the same church where we got to know each other and pretty soon were spending all of our free time together. We finally decided that we needed to get married so that we could get some rest.
We share so many similar values. We share our faith, love and support our children, both love to serve in church callings, are both computer geeks and each of us believe in honoring our marriage vows.
Bob is such a sweet and giving man. Since we both lived in the same area we both had lots of mutual friends and supporters. Many people knew Bob's late wife, Afton, and knew that she supported him in finding love again. My friends knew that I wasn't that interested in marrying again and worked on me to give it another chance. It just happened that as I was considering what my friends and family were saying Bob started coming out socially again. The timing seemed perfect.
Present: On March 30th we will be married seven years and have experienced many wonderful blessings and a few interesting challenges. No matter what is going on we work together to come up with a solution. We have fit into each others families amazingly well. From our different marriages we share 11 children and we love and respect them all. Trying to maintain relationships with all of our children and each other has been a challenge with numerous rewards. We have been fortunate in that we have trusted each other from the beginning which makes it easier to create and maintain healthy boundaries.
Future: Based on the past seven years I can only see continued support and love. We have faced health, money, family, employment and individual challenges and are still together and happy. Even though we trusted each other from the beginning we have grown to trust even more which helps us have confidence in the future. No matter what happens to us or around us I know that we can handle things with love and faith.
"Love Story"
Hey its Valentines Day! Journal about your love story , past , present, future!

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