Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tammy's lifestyle goal for this year!

I know that I have made this goal before but this year is the year! I am losing
weight and working on better health. I refuse to go into 50 this year and stay feeling this way. I know that losing weight will help all the health problems that I have and so I am changing things. I started my new weight loss plan (Nutrisystem) today. I got tired of seeing all the commercials with Marie Osmond and seeing how fabulous she looked! I had to do something so that I wouldn't hate her everytime I saw her on TV! I'm the same age as her brother Donny and I look ancient next to both of them! Not acceptable. I don't have a problem with turning 50. I have a problem with turning 50 and being so out of shape. I want to enjoy life and Bob and I want to enjoy it together. He can't very well enjoy it if I'm always sick!

I'm definately ready, I have a great nutrition plan, I have a treadmill and beautiful mountains and neighborhood to walk in and I have a personal trainer (the Wii Fit). How can I lose...I mean how can I not lose! I have 90 lbs. to lose. I don't have to do it all this year but I intend to do most of it!

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Christyeve said...

YAY mom! I think you look fabulous, but I think it's great that you want to get healthy too! I have been running a lot lately...don't know how much weight I hae lost... Ryan and I ran 4 miles on Saturday! I think that nurti-system looks great! My sister took Alli for a month,but she said it didn't work...anyway way to go mom!!