Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Small Surgery

Tomorrow afternoon I am going in for a same-day surgery. It is just a small surgery to repair scar tissue from my previous surgery in October. Long story short, I have some scar tissue that isn't healing correctly and it very painful so the Doctor is going to go in and clean it up. Hopefully after this I will be able to sit - how embarrasing. I have missed so many important family events and important things because I can't sit for any length of time without a lot of pain. I am looking forward to this being over. I need to get in shape for our up-coming new twin babies!

For those of you who haven't heard, Ryan & Christy are having twins that are due on August 9th. Since christy usually delivers early and twins usually come early we are planning on them coming in early July. Hmmm, my birthday is July 5th - wouldn't that be a great present for everyone. I share a birthday with my Great-Aunt Mildred and it is so cool. She is one of the happiest people I have ever met and I consider it an honor to share this special day with her.

I will be happy no matter what day the babies come. One of the twins is a boy (Ryan is so excited!) but they aren't sure about the other one.

My surgery isn't until 2:30 and my Mom will pick me up at the hospital afterward so I won't be home until after 6:00 or so. I wouldn't let Bob take the week off for this small procedure but he feels bad for not being here. I told him to save the time for more important things that may come up. I hope this is the end of medical procedures for awhile. I have too many fun and important things to do and I am way behind already. Patience was never my strength.

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