Monday, April 20, 2009

Madisen Turns Four!

Since Madisen's Birthday is Tuesday and Grandma and Grandpa Newman brought the girls down to visit Christy in the hospital. we decided to have her Birthday Party a day early in the hospital. Here Madi demonstrates that she is ready for the big FOUR!

Sunday when they came up Christy was pretty out of it and had an oxygen tube on which was a little scary for Avery but today Christy looks and is acting like Mom again so the party mood was set. I made some tissue paper flowers to decorate the room and the Newman's bought a yummy chocolate cake.

Madi received some fun presents that she shared with Avery. We had so much fun that you would have never guessed we were stuffed into a hospital room.

The girls were very well behaved but I can't say the same of all the guests (you know who you are).

Avery even got in on the gift action.

But of course the packaging is always more interesting!

Madi even gave Grandpa Hodges and Grandpa Newman a lesson in jump rope etiquette which I'm sure they needed.

A great time was had by all...

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