Thursday, March 12, 2009

365 Days - Day 66 - Soft

Since I have been down for awhile and can't always get out to take photos I am going to do this challenge with memories and sometimes old photos. I was getting so far behind and then I realized how silly I was being. I have lots of thoughts on the assigned subjects and lots of old photos to share. So what if they aren't current! Sometimes I'm a bit slow.

When I think of the word soft I think of babies and everything that we surround them with. Their skin, hair and smell right after a bath.

I think of my Great-Grandmother Hixson and how I could just lean against her (she didn't have much of a lap) and feel at peace. As she got older her eyesight got worse so I would take her for walks. I remember taking this responsibility so seriously because I loved her so much and she was very fragile. One day we went for a short walk and she tripped over a curb. I tried so hard to keep her upright without dislocating her arm. She did skin her knee a bit but laughed it off and we continued our walk. I was so traumatized by that experience. Her skin had gotten so soft and fragile that you could feel her bones right through her skin.
This picture is of myself, GG Hixson and Ryan on the day he was blessed, Jan 7, 1979

I love the feel of chenille and other yarns that are so luxurious and expensive! How about an old quilt or pair of sheets that has been washed hundreds of times. I love just laying there and enjoying the softness. Strangly I'm not a big fan of silk or some of those fabrics that snag so easily. Since I don't like to wear shoes my feet are a bit calloused and I'm always snagging fabrics like that so I pretty much avoid them on bedding. Clothing is fine but I'm more comfortable in a warm cozy sweater or soft cotton blouse and jeans.

Soft also reminds me of tender words spoken to our drowsy children or our sweethearts. Soft means so many different things.

Soft was the word I used to help my children learn how to handle their baby brothers or animals. I would tell them that we need to be soft with them, take their little hand and help them softly stroke the puppy or baby. I would then praise them a lot. Eventually they learned and then they unlearned it as they wrestled with their brothers and played sports! Fortunately they remembered this lesson in situations that require it. Parenthood can be so hard to try to figure out!

Here is Ryan SOFTLY rolling over his brother Nathan.

Soft is also a word that brings back the smell of my Grandma Sorensen's perfume. When she would hug me or was near I loved that smell. It was so femanine and soft. I think she wore Tigress, which has been discontinued for years. Too bad, it smelled so good.

I was curious so I searched for this cologne on the internet. The originals are being sold on vintage websites! There is a new version but people say it isn't the same at all. Here is a description of the origional. Tigress Cologne was originally released by FabergĂ© in 1938. It is a deliciously warm vanilla and amber fragrance with a floral heart – musky and animalic. I think it was discontinued in the late 70's. I wonder if these origional perfumes still smell the same? When I was young my Grandmother worked in a high-end Clothing store and always had the most fashionable clothes, hair do (she got it done weekly) and perfume. Now I find out that she had floral and animal side to her. Go Grandma!

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