Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated!

I feel so bad because through a communication problem two of our kids thought that I had died! Obviously I'm fine but let me explain.

As you may have read in my previous post my laptop died and Bob and I went down to Costco to check out their computer sale. While we were there Bob received a text from Tyler. As some of you may know Bob is a slow typer and even slower at texting. In fact if you get a text from Bob consider yourself important because he hates to text. This is a problem when it comes to keeping up with Tyler. Bob will IM (Instant Message) Tyler on the computer but he hates to text. He loves talking to Tyler and really misses him so he tries to text when he isn't around a computer. I am always amazed at how brillient Bob is on anything that has to do with computers but how slow he types. Oh well, he seems to have made do over his long and successful career.

As we were asking questions of the salesman, Bob got a text from Tyler. He stepped aside and tried to answer him. This happened several times and I was impressed that Bob was actually texting Tyler. This went on for quite a while. Finally Bob got a phone call and stepped aside to take it. It was Brian inquiring if I was OK. I guess Bob tried to tell Tyler that we were at the store because Tammy's laptop died. I don't know the whole story but Tyler thought that Bob said that I was dead. Tyler kept texting Bob to try to clarify and wasn't getting a clear answer.

I had no idea what was going on. Tyler left a text for me but I was listening to the salesman, feeling tired and hurting because I haven't been up and around a lot lately. When Bob got off the phone with Brian he explained to me why he had called. He showed me the text from Tyler, asking if I was dead. I immediatelly grabbed Bob's phone and text Tyler that my laptop was dead and that I was fine. I feel so bad that it went on as long as it did.

I was touched though that Tyler called Brian to find out the truth. I would hope that if anything ever happened to either of us the news would be communicated better. So Carla, Jason, Jessica Brian & Gianna, if anything ever happens to me please break the news to Tyler before your Dad does. I don't think that Tyler would believe him now.

Tyler, I'm sorry that I didn't know what was going on sooner. I didn't notice the text from you until later that night and by then it was resolved. I appreciate your concern and regret any distress you went through. Please keep up the texts and if you can't get a clear answer from your Dad, text me again and I'll try to check my messages more often. Your Dad is always so happy to hear from you so please don't let this stop you from talking to him this way. Your Dad will get better at it. I can tryly say that he has never returned a text from me.

We really want to know what is going on with all of you and value any updates on your lives. This is our feeble way of keeping you up on what we are doing.


Christy said...

Haha! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you are still with us Mom! How scary for Tyler to get that though, it made me laugh when you were describing Bob's lack of enthusiam for texting, sounds like me. I text my sister a few times and after about three times back and forth I am exhuasted. haha! Hope you get too feeling better soon! LOVE YOU!

Brenda E said...

Good thing texting is not a thing I do. It is confusing enough trying to learn the computer stuff. I too am glad that you are still alive, and hope your health improves.