Sunday, April 5, 2009

365 Days - Day 95 - Taste

I decided to list our favorite tastes partly to get Bob to participate. He doesn't Blog so unless I ask specific questions it is hard to get information of this sort out of him. I did learn some new things though.

Bob's is very simple and he doesn't really have strong opinions. My list on the other hand is more diverse and I kept adding things. Bob is so easy to please. I thought that I was too.

"Taste" - sweet, sour, salty, sharp


Christy said...

yummm.... you should put a warning label on your blog for pregnant woman, if you are going to post YUMMY food!!! I'm hungry.

Tammy said...

Me too! While Bob and I were making the list and searching for pictures we stopped and looked at each other and decided that this was cruel and unusual punishment because we were both craving all of our favorite foods. I want those little Ribs & Garlic Noodles from PF Changs. NOW! I love living out here but I do miss some things about the city.

At least you have a good excuse, you are eating for three. I'm dieting...:(