Saturday, April 4, 2009

Warranty Expired!

Bob LOVES his big-screen TV! When we got married and moved to our new house Bob bought this HUGE Mitsubishi TV (2002). I remember the glaze that came over his eyes and his jaw dropping when he first entered the electronics area of the store. Most men have that same look but Bob is a gadget guy and he had never had a gadget this big. Since we were both working I thought that he deserved to have what he wanted even though I thought it was a bit of overkill.

I have to admit it has been a fun. We can all see exactly what is going on and video games are a lot clearer on the big screen. WII games are a blast!

Luckily we purchased a good warranty because when we moved to S. Utah, where we have frequent brown-outs and black-outs, our TV had problems. This TV lives in the basement and every time the repair guys have had to come out and haul this monstrosity up the stairs they always ask if we wouldn't rather keep it in our living room (on the main floor). Of course I don't want that black hole in my living room (sorry men, I know you don't understand) so they have to lug it back down the stairs after they have repaired it.

Well, the inevitable has happened. The warranty has expired! With the recent snow storms we have had quite a few power fluctuations and finally the TV died. A moment of silence please.....

In usual Bob style he took the TV apart. I know that he has wanted to take this a part for a long time (Bob likes to see how things work) but couldn't because of the warranty.
Bob immediately got online and did some research as to how to fix the problem. He found some symptoms that matched our TV exactly and ordered some parts. We waited for them to come in the mail and then Bob soldered them on. And .......they didn't solve the problem!

So now Bob thinks that it might be a power problem. Sorry guys but I don't speak electronics very well. Give me some software and I can talk fluently but hardware lingo is Chinese to me. So now Bob is testing all electrical sources or something like that. Bob is in his element, he is using gadgets to test gadgets.

What a pain! Poor Bob has to do research, order parts or manuals, go to work for a week, come home try to fix the TV, it doesn't work so he starts the process over again. Long story even longer, our family room has a HUGE TV taken apart in the middle of it and the bedroom next to it strewn with parts. I know that Bob hates that the TV is down but I also know that he is doing what he does best. Problem Solve. Bob is happy.


Brenda E said...

You go Bob! You are awesome! With your hair shaved and that go tee it reminds me of Bill. You look great! Sorry about the boob tube problems. Good luck! If anyone can make it work you can.

Christy said...

Yep, if anyone can fix something it's Bob! He looks like he is enjoying it though and learning a lot!

Tammy said...

He is learning a lot. You are right, if anyone can fix it Bob can. It is just so cute to watch him play.

We are all going a bit bonkers though with all of our electronics taking turns breaking down. I told Bob that I have been so spoiled and now when something breaks down I am not quite sure how to function.