Friday, April 3, 2009

365 Days - Day 93 - Listen

I have so many favorite sounds. I love the sound of a loved ones voice, nature, music, laughter and so many other sounds that evoke emotion and memories. I know that I take these things for granted, which is sad. Here is one of my favorite pictures along this theme.

This is Ryan when he was only 15-months old at Christmas time. Dennis had brought home a Christmas Music Box with Santa in his sleigh and a reindeer that would rotate on an interior magnet when the music played. It was so adorable!

Sadly Ryan's face is a bit out of focus but I hope that you still get the message. Ryan LOVED this music box! He and his brothers have always loved music and at that time we didn't realize what a huge part of their lives would be impacted by it. Since Dennis and I loved music out kids were surrounded by it. The funny part is that Dennis and I were on opposite spectrums of taste. He loved Black Sabbath and Jimmy Hendrix and I was what he called a "Bubblegummer". My record collection included Chicago, The Carpenters, etc.

Needless to say, our boys grew up with an ecclectic education in music. I remember when Dennis had the boys listen to Jimmy Hendrix play the National Anthem with his teeth. He was so excited to share this with his boys and hoped that they appreciated Jimmy's talent. The boys loved it. I remember teaching my boys guitar when they were pretty small and making them take piano lessons. It has been interesting to see them each gravitate to the instrument that best helps them express themselves.

There are so many aspects of listening but for some reason I went off on music. Suffice it to say I appreciate the blessing of sound. I am amazed at my step-son Tyler, who is hard-of-hearing, and how well he communicates with people without being able to hear them. He is so patient.

"Hear, listen"

What do your ears hear today?


Christy said...

great post mom. I love that you instilled that in Ryan. He is an amazing singing and piano player and I enjoy listening to him sing around the house!

Tammy said...

I miss listening to him singing around the house. I miss he and his brothers making music. They probably think I am so silly when I visit because I make them play for me. Mom's spend our lives training our children and then they go off and live their own lives. How rude! Oh well, it is worth it because they add wonderful spouses and grandchildren to our lives. It is definately worth it.