Monday, March 30, 2009

365 Days - Day 90 - Love

Today Bob and I have been married for seven years! Sometimes I feel that I have lived several different lives and this last life, as Bob's wife, has gone by amazingly fast. Here is a picture of Bob and I on our wedding day (2002). It is a picture, that for some reason, I have passed over. Today when I saw it I thought, "This is so sweet, why haven't I used it before?" Maybe as in many cases, I see it differently because of what we have shared and how we've grown together and individually.

The challenge today was to take a picture of love and ask how we have spread our love today. Well I can say that I am on the receiving end of that. I married one of the least selfish people on the planet. Bob spends most of his time helping others. I have always admired that trait and I was fortunate enough to marry someone who lives what he believes. Bob doesn't ask for much in return. Sometimes he is a bit shy about keeping up with family and friends but it doesn't mean that he doesn't think about them often and love them. He loves his faith, family and lives a responsible and giving life.
Thank you Bob for being you and sharing yourself with me and others. We are all the better because of it.
"Spread your love everywhere you go."
- Mother Teresa
How did you spread your love today?


Brenda E said...

hello, I did not realize that you start this on going thing for each day of the year, but it is cool. Your annivery is Baylee's b-day. It is also the first picture at your wedding reception that we can see Brandon's eye has no red on the right from the flash of the camera. I am sure glad the 2 of you are together.

Christy said...

Happy Anniversary!!! We love you guys and appreciate all you do for us!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday to Baylee!