Monday, November 9, 2009

Smell-a-vision & Taste-a-vision?

Today while Bob was working on my laptop I turned on the TV and watched Next Iron Chef on the Food Network.    For those of you who don’t know what it is, see below in Today’s Favorites.  Bob had mentioned that he wouldn’t want to eat a lot of the things the chefs make in the challenges.  Not me!  I told Bob that I wanted smell-a-vision and taste-a-vision so that I could taste almost all of the creations. 

Since Bob is our computer guru, I asked him to see what he could do about making my requests happen.  He just laughed at me.  You see the problem is that I have become so spoiled, with Bob being able to fix or create whatever we need with technology, that I just assume he can do anything. 

I have to admit that wanting to taste many of  the creations the contestant Chefs cook is quite adventurous.  Some of the ingredients that they give the Chef’s to cook with I have never heard of or are way out of my comfort zone.  This week they are down to the final three contestants.  Ten years ago I would have thought that I would love to watch Food Network but here I am and I’m enjoying it.



Next Iron Chef on Food Network

World-class chefs battle for the supreme culinary title, Iron Chef.

 Alton Brown          The Next Iron Chef Video

Host Alton Brown (Also created Good Eats)       Contestants of Next Iron Chef

Mark Dacascos

The Chairman Mark Dacascos (Nephew of the Chairman on Iron Chef Japan)  Mark is also currently on Dancing With the Stars.  His facial expressions are so entertaining!


Christy said...

I love watching the Iron Chef! Of course since we don't have cable anymore it's been awhile, but Ryan and I would watch it when we did. It was quite entertaining!

The Scrapping Edge said...

I love Iron Chef too. I rarely get a chance to get to the tv but it is one of my go to shows when I do.

Meghann said...

Hi Tammy. You never know, someday we may have smell-a-vision & taste-a-vision! Thanks for your comment on my blog about the pumpkin puree! Hope yours turns out well!

Karen said...

Hi Tammy I like the sound of smell-a-vision but it would have to have a mute switch as some things on t.v. I certainly wouldn't want to smell :)
Thank you for your very kind comment on my blog - it was heartfelt and really touched me. What a perceptive woman you are xxx