Sunday, November 8, 2009

Build Yourself a Foundation On Christ

Stake Conference is today and the theme is “Build Yourself a FoundatioThe Christusn On Christ.”  I wasn’t able to go but Bob said that it was very good.  It was a long conference, about 2 1/2 hours.  I really miss going to Church but by the time I shower and get there I’m exhausted and very shaky.  Also my immune system isn’t working too well and there are a lot of virus’s going around right now.   My Mom brings home plenty of germs from work.  By working with the public she is exposed to a lot.  They keep antibacterial sanitizer on the counters and use it frequently but money is covered in germs.  Also people just don’t stay home when they are sick so it just keeps spreading. 


Podcasts of General Conference, the Ensign and much more.  We can even download MP3’s of the scriptures.  I love that they are so available to everyone.  I can listen while scrapbooking, cooking or driving.  There are several talks that I listen to several times because I don’t always catch everything the first time.  IPOD even has General Conference and the Ensign podcasts.

I used to feel a bit dim because I needed to rehear things several times but then I heard a lesson about Joseph Smith and some of the visions he had.  Each vision was usually repeated throughout the night.  It finally hit me, even the Prophet needed repetition.  As I read through the scriptures there are many accounts of important lessons being repeated.  I also realized that at different times in my life I was more prepared to hear and learn things that I wouldn’t have noticed before.

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Christy said...

So true! Thanks for sharing that mom. I felt that way before too. I will hear something that I have heard before but it doesn't touch me the same. It's an "Aha" moment.