Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Canadian Tenors- Hallelujah

I haven't been feeling very good latley but today on Oprah I heard this group, The Canadian Tenors, and it made my day better.  Here's the song from YouTube.  I've loved this song but these guys brought it back for me.  Have you heard any songs lately that helped change your mood?


Family von Graf said...

That is great! I love men that can sing well! =)

My song that always gets me in a better mood is Weak by SWV. My friends and I would sing it while we walked home from school and we'd fight over which were the right lyrics and right notes. Whenever it comes on the radio now, even in front of Jason, I belt it out with pride. HA HA HA

TheScrapGirl said...

Tammy-thanks for visiting my blog on the blog hop! Have a great weekend!!!

Chrissy Guido