Monday, February 16, 2009

365 Days - Day 47 - Chocolate

Wow chocolate! What a topic. Is there enough memory on the internet for this subject? I do love chocolate but I'm not a chocoholic. There I've said it out loud. I am a woman and I'm not obsessed with chocolate. Don't get me wrong, when I want chocolate I want it now but I'm fine with just a little piece. I prefer my chocolate with some nuts and caramel. A whole snickers bar is too much though. I like those little bite-size pieces. I can have a jar of chocolate on my desk and make it last for weeks. I have a problem with too much sugar, it gives me the shivers. I can't even eat syrup on my pancakes.

My favorite kinds of chocolate are snickers, Baby Ruth, Turtles and Brownies (Dense brownies not cake brownies). This last Christmas I told Bob that I wanted Turtes in my stocking and he dragged my sister all over her hometown in Virginia looking for just the right Turtle. At first I couldn't understand why this cute stuffed turtle was in my Christmas Stocking!

He did get edible Turtles as well.

As long as I'm confessing I might as go all the way. I'm not that big of a cake fan either. There are a few cakes that I like (Carrot Cake, Zuchini Cake & Strusel Cake) but even then I prefer to nibble on a piece all day. I just take small little bites and it is amazing how long it can last. It isn't that I dislike cake it just isn't that exciting. This drives Bob a little crazy because he thinks it should be eaten right away (He grew up in a family with six kids and I think he learned early to eat it before some else gets it). He drives me crazy because I'll go to nibble a little on MY piece and he's eaten it! Even though I'm not a big cake fan I have made hundreds of cakes in my life and pride myself on making good ones.

Don't get me wrong, just because I'm not a huge chocoholic doesn't mean that I don't have many other weaknesses. Don't get me started on fruit desserts or salty snacks...



Think of chocolate, baking, love. Which one will inspire you today?

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