Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Snapshot of My Life - February - Literature

I love to read. It seems like I have always loved to read. Reading was a welcome escape at times and also a way to learn. I love history, travel and so many other things in life that I couldn't always experience any other way than to travel on the words of a good author. It is funny because my sister loves to read also and on trips we would both be engrossed in books to help the time fly by.

Because of my love of reading and because I believe that if someone knows how to obtain knowledge their is no stopping them, I read to my children a LOT. This was 30 years ago. All those cute story books were worth it. My boys are all avid readers.

My youngest son, Sean, was so cute when we read. I had given birth to 3 boys in 3 1/2 years and by the time Sean was born I had memorized all of the childrens story books. Sometimes I would let my attention wander or look around the room to check on the other boys while reciting a book. Sean got to where he would watch me read the book to make sure that I was actually reading and not reciting. If he noticed my attention wandering he would hold my cheeks between his hands and point my face down to look at the book. I couldn't get away with anything! This was one of our favorite childrens books which we have also passed on to our Grandchildren.

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